Savannah Square Pops

Our Story

It’s Cool to Be Square!

The dream was all started in Royce’s mind two years ago after coming across an article about a new wave of gourmet frozen desserts sweeping the nation. He was immediately intrigued but at the time, was focused on starting his brand new full service restaurant that he had just opened. After his first year of success at that restaurant, he decided to explore the possibilities of opening up a shop to make these gourmet succulent treats.

Royce then brought the idea to his good friend, Judd, who was at the time practicing law in Birmingham, AL. After becoming disenchanted with the business of law, Judd yearned for a change in his career. He made the decision in June of 2016 to pack up and move here to Savannah, GA to begin the Savannah Square Pops Legacy.

Realizing they needed a key marketing person to spread the word about their idea, Judd and Royce approached Tara to come aboard the frozen treat train. With all three partners in place, they were ready to begin the magic that is Savannah Square Pops. Our mission is for you all to experience that magic!

Come join us, my friend and you’ll see..”It’s Cool to be Square!”

-Royce, Tara, & Judd